The fragrance house has announced the launch of their new algorithm that allows to translate into images the emotions of consumers with regard to a perfume. [1] According to Givaudan, being able to determine the best alignment between colours, emotions and scents can help to bring fragrance creation closer to sensory perceptions.

Givaudan acquired Myrissi en 2021. The start-up had developed and patented an AI technology capable of translating fragrances into colour patterns and images, relevant to the consumer.

Combined with Givaudan’s expertise of more than 35 years in neuroscience, the Myrissi algorithm deepens the understanding of consumers’ emotional mechanisms. This unique capability, the result of a decade of academic research in brain imagery and AI, decodes the spontaneous olfactory connection with colour, modelled on the basis of a database of more than 25,000 consumer tests,” said the company in a statement.

The technology enables us to drive the creative and product development process starting either from a chemical composition to predict the colour code association, or from a chromatic base to determine the appropriate olfactive affiliation. It also generates the visual moodboard and verbal ecosystem surrounding any fragrance: from packaging to campaign storytelling, consumers’ emotional nuances are translated in their most complete and consistent form.

Through this, Givaudan intends to support its customers in maximising the emotional impact of any olfactive creation, regardless of the retail channel involved.

"Myrissi represents a step change for the Industry. As e-commerce remains the privileged channel for customers, we must answer their need of an olfactive digital experience, something impossible to address until now. With Myrissi, we allow consumers to ’smell’ visuals and colours that elicit the same emotions as the perfumes they are facing. This technology also enables Givaudan to support impactful marketing strategies for our customers, by matching their product designs with their scent, making the consumer experience delightful and fulfilling," says Maurizio Volpi, President Fragrance & Beauty.

Myrissi offers trailblazing support in crafting consumer-centred solutions, covering a wide scope of product categories, from Consumer Products to Fine Fragrances, driven by the powerful connection between colour and scents,” adds Muriel Jacquot, Neuroscience Development Manager.