The global leader in the creation of fragrances and flavours has unveiled its financial ambitions and roadmap for the next five years. The company seeks to ensure responsible growth by decoupling growth and environmental impact through ambitious new eco-efficiency targets. On the financial side, Givaudan aims to outperform the market and deliver an average organic sales growth of 4 - 5 per cent.

We intend to create further shareholder value through profitable growth and acquisitions. In order to create long-term value, we will capitalise on our market leadership, and most importantly, continue to build close partnerships with our customers,” said Givaudan Chief Executive Officer Gilles Andrier.

In order to achieve these goals, the company will further expand in Asia, in particular in China and India. The company also intends to capture growth from consumer preferred products, especially in categories and markets where evolving preferences present further opportunities in a context where the global population is growing older and obesity rates are on the rise. Beyond its core flavours and fragrances, Givaudan will invest in integrated solutions that enhance its value proposition to customers and create new avenues for growth, in particular with, solutions that address the consumer demand for health and well-being products to target signs of ageing and support a more active, healthier and balanced lifestyle.

Givaudan thus targets to create incremental value through acquisitions in the areas of integrated solutions for food and beverages, as well as health and well-being, which also includes active cosmetic ingredients.

As far as environment is concerned, Givaudan is strengthening its 2020 eco-efficiency targets and will implement initiatives that aim to reduce its annual CO2 footprint by at least 4 per cent of the absolute CO2 footprint of the previous year. In addition, the company wants to reduce its waste production and energy consumption per tonne of product by 4 per cent each year as compared to the previous year. Finally, Givaudan reiterates its commitment to reducing water usage by 15 per cent per tonne of product between 2010 and 2020.