Dubbed Nootropics, the collection features Guarana, Ginger, Green Tea, Gotu Kola, Ginkgo and Green Coffee, all of them being well-known among the industry and consumers for their functions as food supplements and their cosmetic properties.

Food supplements with beauty benefits

Nootropics are substances that are known to improve cognitive functions. They are well known by Chinese consumers as mind boosting supplements able to improve memory, creativity and motivation. According to Givaudan, beyond their traditional use as food supplements, nootropics also bear impressive properties for the beauty industry and this double function, as both food supplements and beauty ingredients, is a real advantage.

Our consumer insights study [1] confirms that globally, 81% of consumers agree that well-being is connected to the beauty of the skin. Furthermore, 88% of consumers globally have used food supplements, especially in China, where they put a greater emphasis on well-being in their life. With the large increase of food supplements consumption, the use of those natural extracts into beauty products will interest consumers,” claimed Mélanie Duprat, Global Category Manager at Givaudan Active Beauty.

Furthermore, according to Givaudan, 93% of consumers believe that natural is at least as effective as synthetic ingredients, if not more.

Six botanical extracts

Givaudan’s Nootropics collection features six natural extracts referred to as the “Six Giants.”

- Green Tea: Sustainably sourced from Sichuan, it provides antioxidant activity for well-ageing.
- Ginger: Freshly harvested and sun dried for more than 40 days before extraction, ginger is known as a nootropic substance by 90% of Brazilian and by 86% of Chinese consumers. It is ideal for regenerating and calming skin care products.
- Guarana: Sustainably sourced in Brazil, it is rich in caffeine (9-11%) and provides antioxidant and anti-dark circle activity. Guarana is reportedly one of the most-liked ingredients in Brazil and considered as one of the "most innovative" in China.
- Green Coffee: Rich in phenolic and chlorogenic acids, green coffee is known for its topical anti-ageing and firming applications, as well as a marked slimming action.
- Ginkgo: Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 4000 years to increase vital energy, Ginkgo extract is an excellent antioxidant ingredient.
- Gotu Kola: Sustainably sourced and hand-picked by in Madagascar, Gotu Kola is an adventitious plant well-known for its anti-wrinkle and calming properties.