While Metsä Board is making huge investments to continuously upgrading the aesthetic, mechanical and environmental qualities of its cartons and better meet the needs of brands and consumers, the company also ambition to be much more than a mere material suppliers. To achieve this goal, Metsä provides its customers with advices on the best solutions and with a full range of services, so they can get the most out of their cardboard packaging.

Packaging today is an intrinsic part of the product, and is the tool used by brands to catch the eye of the shopper, protect the product within the supply chain, and to convey the value of the brand to the consumer,” explains the company.

Thus, a team of designers offers luxury and consumer brands (cosmetics, perfumery, wines & spirits, high-tech and even the food industry) a range of services aiming at bringing more added value to packaging and using Metsä Board’s high-quality cardboards as the foundation for packaging innovation. They focus on solutions that maximise the performance of the package, providing overall savings in the total cost of packaging and always keeping in mind the respect for sustainable development.

To illustrate the range of creative possibilities offered by cardboard materials, Metsä’s Packaging Services team created several innovative packaging that will be presented at the 2015 edition of the Luxe Pack trade show in Monaco.

As a first illustration, the Skin Care Box provides the consumer with a single, one-step opening method (vs four steps for traditional boxes) for the external package while maintaining compatibility on automated filling lines. It is a unique opening/closing mechanism that traps the protective fluting in the top of the package when the product is filled. This design brings a unique opening experience to consumers, creates a tamper evident pack and reduces the total quantity of packaging material used by up to 26% (from 15% to 26.5% depending on shapes and sizes).

The second illustration - the Glue Free Box - is a rigid box for product promotion that comes without any use of glue. “Standard promotional rigid boxes are comprised of recycled chipboard that are wrapped with pieces of glue-covered art paper and requires precious manufacturing time to dry,” explains Metsä Board. Thanks to the use of corrugated inners for light-weighting and 100% virgin fibre packaging, Metsä’s designers achieved a 100% glue box. They also added a removable transparent window in order to facilitate the selective sorting of materials.