On the occasion of Luxe Pack New York (May 15-16, 2013), Gerresheimer is showcasing at an assortment of bottles, jars and other glass containers that it has developed for customers in the cosmetics industry over the last few months.

The Adam Levine bottle designed by Gerresheimer will be also on show this year. Both the 50 and 100 ml bottles are unpretentious in design. The women’s bottle has a straight, slim and rectangular form and is printed in two colors. The bottle for the men’s fragrance is very similar, except that it is more compact in shape. With their silver mesh caps, both bear a striking resemblance to a microphone.

A good perfume flacon unites originality, elegance and spirit of the time. Customers searching for a new design are welcomed to browse the extensive portfolio of glass packaging products that we have developed over recent years and decades for inspiration,” said Nicola Balena, Sales Director Moulded Glass at Gerresheimer.