Already available in the United States, China, Korea, Armenia and Bulgaria, body fragrance candy is being launched across Europe by British company Imports DG Ltd, with the exception of Spain, Lithuania and Latvia where separate launches are being planned.

Thanks to its rose oil compounds, in particular geraniol, that permeate through the skin once consumed, DEO Perfume Candy is a candy that doubles up as a perfume.

According to Imports DG, “a person of 145 pounds (65 kg) would require 3.6 mg of Geraniol for the desired fragrance effect with 3 mg found in each candy, two candies can give a rose fragrance for up to six hours.

So far, DEO Perfume Candy is only available online at and in the UK and at in France. Imports DG Ltd said to be in talks with high street retailers in the UK and France to bring the product to shop stores in both countries.

Developed by ingredients company Beneo, DEO Perfume Candy is manufactured by the confectionery producer Alpi in Bulgaria.

The idea for ‘perfume’ sweets first launched in Japan, where experts researched the idea and confirmed that fragrance was released through the skin as a result of the consumption of geraniol. A similar, and more familiar way an ingredient transmits an odour is through ingestion of garlic; its strong-smelling sulphur compounds form Allyl Methyl Sulfide, which cannot be digested and is eventually excreted through the skin. “Many people like garlic, and it’s especially popular in European diets, but the tell-tale smell lingers for some time after a meal. Deo is the perfect antidote,” said Wim Dries, Beneo’s Area Sales Manager.