Georges Bouille, the internationally-renowned aerosol industry expert on Bag-on-Valve (BoV) technology, has joined the Lindal Group as a consultant. Bouille will support Lindal’s production and product development of BoV platforms in a range of market segments. He will collaborate closely with all Lindal Group teams, including the Global Innovation Center, sales management, and Lindal France.

I am proud to tell our customers that Georges has joined forces with Lindal Group,” said Katharina Lilienthal, Vice President - Innovation and New Product Development for the Lindal Group. “Georges is known throughout our industry as ‘Mr. BoV.’ He has developed breakthrough aerosol technology for the Aptar group and EP Spray Systems for many years and knows our industry, products and customers very well. I am convinced that Lindal’s customers will greatly benefit from Georges’ experience, know-how and very special innovative energy.

The Bag-on-Valve (BoV) aerosol system was developed to improve the spraying of cosmetic, medical or food products. The technology allows spraying the products evenly at all angles with superior product evacuation, thus minimizing waste and maximizing consumer value. BoV consists of an aerosol valve with a welded bag. The product is placed inside the bag while the propellant is filled in the space between bag and can. The product is dispensed by the propellant simply squeezing the bag when the actuator is depressed. Product is squeezed out of the bag by the compressed gas, which creates the dispensing as a spray, cream or gel.

Georges Bouille, a Swiss citizen, is internationally recognized as one of the top specialists in BOV and dual dispensing technology. His career began as a business consultant before joining Nussbaum AG - a well established company in aerosol can business. Beginning in 1991, Bouille played an instrumental role in the international introduction of the bag-on-valve dispensing technology (BoV) through the start-up EP Spray System, focused upon the medical, cosmetic and technical application fields. After EP’s acquisition by Aptar Group in 2005, Bouille integrated the Seaquist Global Management Team, in addition to his corporate responsibilities as Vice President - Sales and Marketing. Later, he served as VP - Business Development for the Consumer Healthcare division of Aptar Pharma. In that role, he led the development of packaging solutions in the nasal saline and wound-care application fields. Aptar is a leading global supplier of a broad range of innovative dispensing solutions for the beauty, personal care, home care, prescription drug, consumer health care, injectables, food, and beverage markets.

He holds a degree in Economics from the prestigious HEG Haute Ecole de Gestion - Neuchâtel.