Brian J. Fox-Krawczyk, Genealogy's founder and CEO

Brian J. Fox-Krawczyk, Genealogy’s founder and CEO

Premium Beauty News - What is your secret recipe?

Brian J. Fox-Krawczyk - No secrets, believe me! We just have at heart to offer evolved comprehensive and individualized formulas. It is true that we treat each of these developments like if the product in question was unique. Genealogy addresses the needs of any brand or retailer that strives for futuristically poignant and thoughtful product concepts.

As true product innovation gurus, we’re always keeping our eye on the future. We are often inspired by exotic raw materials. We pay of course a lot of attention to emerging trends that result in creative product design.

We develop usually three collections a year, thus showcasing our expertise in creative formulations, through new to market raw materials and colour trends.

Premium Beauty News - But this does not only concern make-up.

Brian J. Fox-Krawczyk - No, of course not! Skin Care represents half of our activity and within the make-up business, foundation accounts for nearly 75%.

Our lab is equipped all kinds of personal care and colour products including hot pours, powders, and emulsions. Our expertise encompasses OTC and Ecocert formulas.

Genealogy formulas comply with the needs of global brands. We apply strict disciplines in product specification and stability testing. We oversee all phases of the manufacturing process in compliance with regulatory procedures and industry guidelines.

Almost every formula in our library is represented by a physical sample, enabling clients to experience Genealogy formulas and use them as a reference point for their own development.

Premium Beauty News - You do not work alone of course?

Brian J. Fox-Krawczyk - We have several proven, experienced, service orientated strategic partners.

Among them are: Bell Flavors and Fragrances, EMD Chemicals/Rona Cosmetic Pigment, Gattefossé USA, Grant Industrie, Barnet, Kobo Products, Inc, Kinetik Technologies, Innoscience/Infinite, World Wide Packaging, Geka, Topline, Tagra, Intarome Fragrance and Flavor Corporation, Lipo Chemicals, Cognis, Sabinsa Corporation, Alban Muller International, Seidel GmbH and Co., Sensient Cosmetic Technologies.

Premium Beauty News - Can you name a few examples among your recent developments?

Brian J. Fox-Krawczyk - As per the skin care side, there are the Pro-Longevity anti-ageing formulas, and the Enviroshield formulas, for irritated and sensitive skins. We have also develop Bioluminescence formulas to eradicate dull skin.

We also have UV Protection Plus formulas to guard the skin against the harmful effects of sun.

We also have developed Ingestible Beauty formulas with self dissolving ingestible strips, fizzing ingestible drink supplements, water infused treatments.

To note also Eco-Glam formulas to satisfy all kinds of ethical marketing from PETA approved to Ecocert certified products.

Also I’d like to mention our Color Hybrid formulas (foundations, powders, blushers, bronzers, highlighters, eye shadows, lip sticks and glosses) that offer market targeted, and trended colours.

Premium Beauty News - You work on all type of product shapes?

Brian J. Fox-Krawczyk - Absolutely! Whether in a liquid or emulsion form, or even in the form of powders. We also propose fragrances.

Premium Beauty News - A word on your "Proof of Quality Seals"

Brian J. Fox-Krawczyk - The beauty business has changed radically in the last 10 years and Genealogy is consistently working to progress to meet these needs. We also believe it is worthless to fight against the beauty trendsetters and the public opinion using business practices and ingredients that don’t meet their “cultural” demands.

Thus we created our Proof of Quality Seals to mark our commitment regarding our formulations, our clients’ products and the concerns of their consumers. It is all about being creative and saying yes to a challenge, instead of no.

The key principles are the following:

- Purity: We believe in using ingredients that are safe and effective for people and the environment.
- Sustainability: We believe in respecting the gifts from Mother Nature in our formulas and in packaging.
- Proof in principle: We believe in clinically proving our marketing claims.
- "Aesthetically field tested": We believe the best way to test a product is with the most knowledgeable consumer.
- USA made: We believe in investing in the future of our country.
- PETA approved: We believe no living creature should be harmed for the sake of beauty.
- Ecocert: We believe that organic can be elegant.

Premium Beauty News - How else do you support your clients?

Brian J. Fox-Krawczyk - Actually in a number of different ways: raw material sourcing, library for formula creation, exclusive turnkey packaging concepts. But also market studies et trend forecasts, socio-demographic reports and technical analyses.

Premium Beauty News - And industrially speaking, how and with whom do you work?

Brian J. Fox-Krawczyk - Within our business model, Genealogy can hand pick the appropriate bulk manufacturing and P.O. filling house for each client project. We all know that each contract filler has its own core competencies in manufacturing.

We formulate all of our client’s products at our own laboratory, thus owning the formulas, insuring quality raw materials are used in them and keeping our clients out of lengthy R & D queues at conventional fillers. This process also insures formula exclusivities for designated periods of time for our clients.

They then travel to the contract filler that we have selected, to scale up the production and to insure the compliance to all our quality requirements.

Our strategic bulk manufacturing and filling partners are Nuworld Beauty, Bradford Soap Works Inc. et Innoteq Inc.