Showcased at the latest Luxe Pack tradeshow in Monaco, Geka’s Neon new collection aims at adding cool, catchy accents to lips and lashes even in the colder months. With this new collection, the manufacturer of brushes, applicators and comprehensive packaging systems wants to make every look glow.

The line features three new items:

- lipMAGNIFIER, a lip gloss designed to add “the glossy icing on the cake to any nude look in a way that’s anything but inhibited, and makes lips glow in a rich, exciting shade of pink.” The diamond-shaped applicator has been conceived to make the formula easy to apply precisely.

- runwaySTAR, a mascara brush featuring five nubs and an innovative bristle shape that “adds rich volume create an especially intense look.”

- sweetTWIST, an extra large mascara brush with a spiral shape designed to really boost the curves on lashes. “Turning the brush during application heightens the combing and curling effect even more,” the company explains.