An expected consolidated turnover of EUR 100 million this year, for a total workforce (including foreign subsidiaries) of 680 people, the German firm, Geka Brush, has truly become in recent years a heavyweight in the beauty industry, in particular in the field of mascara production.

Franco Luca, CEO, Geka Brush

Franco Luca, CEO, Geka Brush

It is true that the segment is still expanding with a growth rate, despite the crisis, that will exceed again this year 10%. “But we owe this position”, explains the CEO, Franco Luca,”first to our know-how, our ability to innovate and the industrial organization which was patiently set up over recent years”.

A tour at the heart of the historical factory of Bechhofen is enough to convince you. About 80 injection machines running at full speed and approximately 12 automatic lines assembling at impressive rates multiple parts of, may it be, mascara or lip gloss.

Innovation at the heart of business

As for innovation, it can be seen everywhere, along with an injection moulding machine or with an assembly machine. “You know that we were the first to launch the Moltrusion® technology for moulded brushes”, underlines Franco Luca. “We can say with no hesitation that we hold today about 60% of the global market for this type of product. This is not a coincidence. Our teams have worked hard on this concept. We have just released another innovation in this field with the new brush designed for the new mascara ‘N° 7 of Boots’. This does not mean that we are neglecting the traditional brushes. Because we have not finished yet! Some surprises are coming up in the next few months. People might again be talking about a new technology related to plastic!

As for the German group’s expansion abroad, in recent years, it has not slackened. The high point being, just one year ago, the opening, of the new plant in Elgin, in the United States near Chicago. “A start up at top speed”, explains Franco Luca, “corroborating. our choice to produce locally. We already expect a dozen lines in operation by late 2010”. A positive experience which will surely be followed in the longer term with a similar decision for China, "also to supply the local market".

Controlling changes in formulations

A territorial expansion coupled with a desire to provide an even wider and efficient service. “That’s what motivated our partnership with Ancorotti Cosmetics”, explains Franco Luca. “An efficient cooperation which already allows us to work together on two launches to come”.

To be and to remain THE leader in our industry by producing the very best, this is one of our key ambitions.

Series of novelties at Luxe Pack

Luxe Pack Monaco will be an opportunity for the company to unveiled the very latest launches of the company.

- Push-Up Brush: “Perfectly fascinating”. Delicate, soft, symmetrical - that pretty much describes the moulded Push-Up Brush and its patented design. Its vertical and horizontal bristle configuration allows for the smooth and extremely precise application of mascara formulation. The tip of the brush gives an extra “push” - it can be used to lift and shape even the tiniest lashes. Indeed, even the lashes on the lower lid and in the corner of the eye can be enhanced beautifully. Another advantage: The new Push-Up Brush can be combined with any of the packaging available in the Geka building block system.

- Glamour Touch Brush: “Remarkably confident”. This mascara brush has got more than just the hang of things. Its spiral-like design makes for great results in terms of eyelash length and curve. And it is also particularly suitable for mascara formulations containing glitter particles, since this applicator brush transports and applies these particles smoothly and evenly. The Glamour Touch Brush is available in both moulded and aluminium versions. And it can be combined with any packaging from the Geka building block system.

- Lollipop Sampler: “Surprisingly imaginative”. Practical, sassy, unique: created by the multi-award-winning designer Dieter Bakic - the Lollipop Sampler is primarily intended for advertising new products at low cost. Its unusual shape makes it a real eye-catcher without any outer packaging. But this product is much more than just an attractive display item: the Lollipop Sampler offers a multitude of options for product personalization. Packed in a one-away disposable blister pack, it makes an ideal give-away. But other areas of application - such as lip gloss - are also possible. The Lollipop Sampler is patented and available exclusively from Geka Brush.