Observing that the skin care and the colour & care categories are now increasing at a much faster pace than the liquid colour cosmetics segment, Geka is launching "Take Care", a range of liquid beauty products and accessories combining beauty and self-care benefits.

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are spending more time at home and changing their behaviours: focusing on wellbeing, body and soul harmony,” explains the full-service provider of liquid cosmetic products and beauty accessories.

Focusing on mindful self-care, Geka’s latest beauty collection features: a lash & brow serum, a lip pampering oil, a Gua Sha board, a silicon mask brush and a beauty bag. The collection’s packaging was designed to be strongly evocative of the skincare category and all formulas are vegan and enriched with super food ingredients.

2-in-1 liquid products

According to Geka, the light and transparent lip pampering oil included in the new collection conjures-up a sensuous and soft feeling on the lips. It is enriched with jojoba oil for extra lip hydration. Combined with the brand-new patented pearl shaped softPEARL applicator, the product can be easily and gently applied on the lips.

Concerning the lash & brow serum, it’s vegan, paraben-free, transparent and enriched with vitamin E formula has been designed to naturally comb and fortify lashes and brows. The serum is applied with the asymmetrical wonderSTYLIST brush allowing a 2-in-1 application: the longer bristles on one side enable to comb and well-define the lashes by taking them at the root, while the shorter bristles on the other side can be used to define and comb brows easily.

In addition to the two cosmetic products, the “Take Care” collection consists of three accessories:

- A gua sha board made of white jade. The facial tool is reputed helping to reduce wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and promote lymph drainage for improved skin elasticity.
- A silicone mask brush designed for an even and smooth application of face masks.
- A make-up bag made of canvas.

Sustainable eye make-up

Earlier this year, Geka presented Reborn, a line of eye make-up products with sustainable packaging solutions, either using recycled materials or bio-based alternatives. Bottles are made of 100% PCR-PET and caps are made of 100% PCR-PP. Flocked applicators are made of minimum 25% recycled flock and brushes are of exclusive EOSgreen and EOSgreendelta fibres (bio-based fibres consisting of 100% renewable raw materials derived from the castor oil plant). The wiper is made of LDPE with a bio-based content of 84%, derived from sugar cane. Eventually, the thread parts are made of 100% bio-based materials also delivered from the renewable castor oil plant.

3D online configuration

Recently, the company also announced the launch of new product categories available within their 3D online configuration tool. In addition to mascaras, beauty brands can now configurate and style online tailor-made packaging and application solutions for their hair, eye, lip and face make-up product launches.

By combining Geka’s packaging and applicator expertise, along with our digital knowledge, we provide users with an efficient solution to develop their products and transform what is typically a lengthy and costly process,” explains the company. “With over 150 stock components and thousands of combinations, the user can find a perfect match by selecting different criteria: desired make-up result, type of applicator, packaging filling volume or material, to name a few options.

The online configurator is available at: configurator.geka-world.com

With this set of new products and services the German supplier once again proves its ability to quickly address new trends and adapt to the ever changing market environment.