Gattefossé is seizing the opportunity of the next In-Cosmetics Asia tradeshow, which will be held in Bangkok on 29-31 October 2013, to introduce Cytobiol Iris A2, a new active solution to treat blemishes and problem skins.

Compliant with Chinese regulations, Cytobiol Iris A2 helps the oily and combination skins glow with cleanliness and healthiness.

Oily and combination skin is a condition that affects many women. Besides excess sebum production and a shiny appearance, this kind of skin has a tendency to be dull and present open, visible pores,” says the France-based ingredients supplier.

To target imperfections and improve the overall texture of the skin by controlling shine and keeping it clear, Cytobiol Iris A2 combines a purifying iris extract with seboregulator vitamin A and zinc salt.

This unique trio of active ingredients purifies the skin, reducing comedones and blocked pores. The symptoms of oily skin are reduced and the complexion becomes clearer, more even and less shiny,” claims Gattefossé.

According to the company, Cytobiol Iris A2 was shown to have purifying properties, as well as a clear comedolytic effect. Whiteheads, blackheads and inflammatory lesions such as red spots and pimples were all reduced.

Tests performed by Gattefossé showed that the colonization of pores by bacteria is significantly reduced and the skin is cleaner. Furthermore, both the number and the surface of dilated pores of the skin are significantly reduced.