Gattefossé has obtained exclusive rights to develop and commercialize cosmetic active ingredients obtained using the NaDES (Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents) technology. This patented technology is directly inspired by the way in which metabolites are solubilized in plant cells, through eutectic combinations of sugars and nitrogen compounds. / © Nataliya Hora / © Nataliya Hora

The NaDES technology allows the creation of active compositions unattainable with conventional solvents,” says Gattefossé in a release.

This “natural and non-toxic” technology, which is also “efficient at low temperatures” perfectly fits Gattefossé strategy to provide high-performance sustainable ingredients with positive environmental impact.

This is a very exciting development for Gattefossé. Using this technology we have been able to discover previously unknown benefits of existing plant species and our Research and Development teams are identifying further advantages every day. 
NaDES is certain to be a source of many new cosmetic actives in the future and a breakthrough for the industry,” adds Frederic Demarne, Scientific Director.