Gattefossé is launching “Follow your bliss”, a collection of six new prototype formulas inspired by nature.

Two main trends

Composed of two themes, “Coming Into Bloom” and “Taking Root”, the collection praises an idealized, awakened, and embellished nature.

The first theme refers to a major shift in beauty, with cosmetics getting “clean”, more thoughtful, and more sustainable thanks to a process carried out through science.

The second theme, “Taking Root”, builds upon consumers’ new priorities in the wake of the pandemic. The formulas are simple and delicate... perfectly optimized and universal.

“Between resilience and euphoria, hope and joy, the cosmetics of tomorrow will be ethical, clean and transparent, eco-designed but also amusing, innovative and desirable,” says Gattefossé.

Six new formulas

Gattefossé has developed 6 new formulas including:

- Banana Buttercream, a melting butter, slightly fragranced with banana scent, to nourish the driest skin.
- Color Trans-foaming Mask, a face mask whose colour and texture transforms upon contact with water.
- Good Day Sunshine, a sunscreen for the body with biodegradable glitters.
- Pure Crystal Cream, a minimalist formula containing liquid crystals.
- Silky Putty, a modelling clay applied as a patch on fine lines and wrinkles to reduce their appearance.
- Hair & Scalp Mud Mask, a mask to purify and detoxify the hair and scalp thanks to the clay, while remaining comfortable thanks to its emulsified texture which rinses easily.

More information on the collection is available on the dedicated website: