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G. Pivaudran to double its surface treatment capacity

The company, which is specialising in metal processing to make stoppers, caps and coverings for primary packaging of perfumes, cosmetics and spirits will invest in a new anodising line and manufacturing new tools. Driven by increasing needs from brand owners in terms of metal decoration for the animation or the personalization of their lines, G. Pivaudran should achieve a turnover of 20 million euros in 2018 (compared to 18.5 million in 2017).

Marc Pivaudran, PDG CEO and grandson of the company's founder (Photo: Nelly (...)

Marc Pivaudran, PDG CEO and grandson of the company’s founder (Photo: Nelly Blaya - CD Lot)

Based in South West France, the G. Pivaudran company recently inaugurated a new 3000 m2 building. The company, which claims to be one of the world’s leading metal processer for the fragrance and cosmetics industries is celebrating its 70th anniversary and Marc Pivaudran, CEO and grandson of Georges Pivaudran, the founder, seized this opportunity to look to the future.

This anniversary is an opportunity to measure the ability of our company to look forward,” he said. “We have just finished extension work on a new 3000 m2 industrial building that will enable us to increase capacity for new projects entrusted to us by our customers and to deploy assembly machines followed by new press tools.

Extension and refurbishment work entailed an investment of about 2.7 million euros in real estate and 1.8 million euros in machines.

New anodization line

In the continuity of these investments, the company will install a new automatic anodization line by the end of next year. G. Pivaudran will thus be able to double its surface treatment capacity.

G. Pivaudran is one of the world's leading metal processer for the fragrance (...)

G. Pivaudran is one of the world’s leading metal processer for the fragrance and cosmetics industries (Photo: Marc Allenbach - G. Pivaudran)

In line with its vision of sustainability, the company has implemented a continuous quality improvement initiative, which is deployed systematically across the company with a focus on: the training and certification of production teams, the reliability of developments and the optimization of manufacturing processes. This comes as a complement to the company’s CSR approach. G. Pivaudran is ISO 14001 compliant and is moving forward to upgrade energy savings.

Next steps for the company: diversification towards spirits (perfumes and cosmetics still account for 95% of turnover) and the conquest of new export markets (international sales currently represent nearly 20% of the turnover business).

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