For H24, the new fragrance for men by Hermès, g.pivaudran has manufactured two parts comprising an assembled aluminium cap with a weighted plastic insert and a supported collar, also made from aluminium.

We are extremely proud to have worked alongside Hermès in the development of H24, which is a perfect continuation of Voyage d’Hermès and Jour d’Hermès,” underlines Marc Pivaudran, Chairman of g.pivaudran.

The cap is made from deep-set aluminium, with a “sharp glossy” finish and a silver shade, on which g.pivaudran designed a layered plating with inset engraving of the Hermès brand name. There are two hollowed-out borders to the edges, with stripes, showcasing the shape of the cap, whilst a rounded edge on the base softens the outline.

Inside the aluminium cap is a polypropylene insert, assembled at high speed on an automated machine, with an internal engraving of the brand name. This part, made in collaboration with Rovip, has a deep-set engraving of the Hermès brand name. There are also three notches which allow for easy attachment inside the collar, which glides contact free flush to the aluminium plate.

The design of this delicate adjustment, in partnership with Hermès teams, showcases the expertise of g.pivaudran in offering parts of extremely high quality for caps/inset attachments on the bottle produced by Pochet du Courval,” said the company in a release.

Technical work of combining aluminium plating and the cap was required for aesthetic harmonisation of the part, as well as the shiny finish of the plating, which so elegantly shows off the cap.

The adjustment work on the plastic inset, beneath the aluminium plate, across a very particular section of the cap, allowed us to streamline guidance, so as to guarantee continuity of the base of the aluminium plate with the bottle,” explains Hervé Delaigue, Commercial and Development Director at g.pivaudran.

The cap is used across all three perfume bottles: 50 ml, 100 ml and 125 ml (refiller).