French firm G. Pivaudran initiated last year a series of reflections and technical trials to understand in which proportions it would be pertinent to integrate recycled aluminium into its assembled parts, without altering the possibilities of this material from a development perspective.

The process is accelerating and today we can announce that the first trials undertaken by our teams on new rolls of aluminium have allowed us to go one step further. We are making progress. We are in the midst of a second wave of trials and continuing to work so as to guarantee our clients reliable, high quality and sustainable production for solutions made entirely of recycled aluminium”, indicates Marc Pivaudran, Chair of G. Pivaudran.

By working upstream with our clients, we may soon be able to offer brands products made from recycled aluminium in the responsible luxury sector”, adds Marc Pivaudran.

The challenge today, and after the first encouraging tests, is to speed up development of innovative responsible solutions and to dare to break with certain codes in the luxury sector”, explains Hervé Delaigue, Commercial & Development Director at G. Pivaudran.