Specializing in 100% airless packaging, Mega Airless offers fully customizable standard packaging solutions. In order to allow brands to create their own dispensers, the Mix & Match platform offers interchangeable components. “Customization, time savings and cost control are the key benefits to the offer,” claims the company.

The Mix & Match concept

Mega Airless takes advantage of its extensive and flexible product range to allows each brand to design a delivery system matching its image and needs. The choices range from Nano, Micro, Mezzo and Macro styles, sizes from 5ml to 200ml, round or oval shapes, gloss or matte finish, dosages from 0.2 ml to 1.5 ml and the ability of combining the style of the collar, actuator and cap.

Each year, Mega Airless expands the Mix & Match concept with new SKUs to offer a multitude of combinations. “Beauty Care or Healthcare, products for men and women, Mix&Match allows brands to create a dispenser that is adapted to each product,” adds the packaging supplier.

Decoration, the final touch

Mega Airless offers a wide range of attractive decorating options that include metallization, hot-stamping and lacquering to further enhance the look and feel of packaging.