"It’s truly the full-service activity that has, in recent years, taken over the company’s business, particularly during the last two years", explained Adolf B. Brodscholl, Managing Director. "To such a point that near Brno we had to build a dedicated plant in the Czech Republic, that employs about 150 people. An integrated plant that can perform plastic injection and assembly."

As for the range of filled or non-filled products, it is broad, and ranges from eye/lipliners, nail-care pens, mascaras, including lip gloss without forgetting one of bomo-trendline’s flagship production: Spacy Art & French Free Ink System Nail Care Products. "But we also offer a comprehensive range of standard packaging for skin-care," emphasised Brodscholl.

Industrially speaking, the group currently owns some 96 injection machines (injection and blow injection) located for most of them in Germany at Schramberg Tennenbronn and eleven in the Czech Republic since last year.

bomo-trendline manufactures its own tooling and has different filling & assembly machines. Its customer base is still very much German, to 75%, but it also includes Spanish, French, Italian, British and USA clients.

Nail care: a flagship activity

But it is also in the field of product innovation that bomo-trendline has done particularly well in recent years with the development as of 2009, of a series of filled capillary Pens intended for nail care products such as the Soft Cuticle, the Perfect Corrector, the Iron Hardener and the Cuticle Remover Gel the latter taking the form of a tube. "It was a big hit", admits Brodscholl. “So much so that we currently produce some millions of them.

This mastery in the manufacture of special applications has naturally encouraged engineers to develop their first, recently rolled out, perfume applicator, the Perfume Pen for man and woman.

Five core activities

"In fact, our business is divided into five core activities," explains Brodscholl. “Standard packaging for the skin care market, standard packaging for the make-up industry, a full-service activity, especially in the nail care professional segment but also for special make-up products for eyes, lips – face. The segment of comprehensive Full Service products and our ability to develop our own packaging and product design and concepts to serve our customers."

But undoubtedly the full-service activity remains and will remain the German group’s powerhouse for the next coming years.