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Candice Jacoud

Full-Service: mini promotional packs are getting bigger

There is a revolution going on in sampling and promotional & travel-size pack solutions. The current challenge is to meet brands’ clearly identified expectations as regards differentiation, ROI measurement of campaigns, and digitalization. Mini-sizes are such growth drivers that Aptar Beauty + Home is taking action with a strengthened team dedicated to full-service, comprehensive solutions for small, medium and large series and ready to meet the category’s requirements.

The first daily research area for Aptar is customization.

The group’s added value is to already be able to offer patented solutions that make a difference, in particular the bestseller, Imagin, a product that enables to discover a perfume in the form of a flat spray, the only one on the market intended for inserting – a testing experience comparable to the product sold (it can be sprayed up to 6 times), with a large communication surface on a great diversity of materials.

As for the Clip Card® solution for the mini Easy Spray, it offers a different surface of expression. It makes it possible to clip the mini-spray on a wide range of materials of any shape, like cardboard, metal, or fabric. Contrary to standard open cards, it suits all customers.

Generally speaking, it is essential to take into account how important it is for consumers to reproduce the exact same gesture as the standard product sold in order to integrate the application test. Our Cosm’In patented product perfectly meets this expectation, in particular in light of the Cushion trend in skincare and makeup.

The user takes the formula from the Cosm’In box with a mini-sponge, and then applies it by reproducing the cushion gesture. This solution was recently adopted in its full-service version for the sample of the latest Yves Saint-Laurent cushion.

The notion of small size is perfectly in line with the travel-size trend firmly established in all beauty segments: perfumery, skincare, and makeup. Still, this market needs to be developed in terms of full-service solutions. Aptar Beauty + Home is getting positioned on this trend and has been working on new solutions with more specific gestures for 10 ml sizes.

Lastly, access to digitalization offers great promises for measuring the ROI of promotional campaigns, an important issue for brands willing to quantify the value of this direct cost.

Thanks to a partnership with My Pack Connect, a company specialized in visual recognition through product flashing, Aptar developed the very first connected sample. Connected products help brands follow up the customer journey, but also create content and maintain a direct relationship with the consumer via visual recognition and Messenger. This first approach to product digitalization requires supporting users, who are not familiar with the flash technique yet. Europe may seem to be lagging behind when it comes to flashing, contrary to Asia, for example, but the success of applications like Yuka and others suggests that flashing is gradually entering consumers’ daily lives.

Catchy full-service solutions for small sizes are now an integral part of the Aptar strategy: a whole expert team is dedicated to this trend. Usually scheduled for the last product launch phase, the development of full-service sampling or promotional object solutions requires high reactivity. The flexible and agile organization implemented by Aptar helps meet this constraint and satisfy our customers, whatever the demand.

Candice Jacoud
Full-Service Manager Aptar Beauty + Home

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about Candice Jacoud

Candice Jacoud has been working in the packaging industry for 15 years. Her career began at Alcan Packaging Beauty (now Albéa) as Product Marketing Manager. There, she participated in the launch of the Full Service Makeup business.

After an experience at L’Oréal, she joined the glass industry and launched the premium business unit of Saint Gobain Packaging (Verallia): Selective/Line.

She then worked for the Coty Group in packaging design and development for prestigious brands. In 2012, she then joined Aptar as Head of the Full Service Sampling + Promotion.

The Aptar family of companies is the leader in the global dispensing systems industry

The group designs “innovative packaging dispensing solutions that make people’s everyday lives easier, safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable.” Their market focus is translated into an organization through three segments: Beauty + Home, Food + Beverage, and Pharma.

Aptar Beauty + Home covers a broad scope of market fields from Fragrance, Cosmetics, and Personal Care to the whole spectrum of Home Care. 



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