Four months before its inauguration, more than thirty industrial partners have decided to participate in the first edition of MakeUp in Paris, say the organizers [1] who are glad to have fully booked the event sooner than expected.The world elite in cosmetic formulations, packaging and full service has chosen to fully participate to what remains as the event of the year in the Beauty world,” they explain in a release.

The number on-line invitation requests from potential visitors is also a source of great optimism for the event’s organiser.

Sandra Maguarian, Show Manager, MakeUp in Paris

Sandra Maguarian, Show Manager, MakeUp in Paris

MakeUp Paris intends to be a really original event. Thus, participating companies, will be able to stage their products with the help of make-up schools and prestigious make-up artists. Live animations will take place throughout the two days during which manufacturers will meet current and future artists of the make-up sector, which remains one of the most dynamic.

Every day and every partner bring their share of new ideas on how to address the conferences, the poles dedicated to make-up and the overall scenography,” explains Sandra Maguarian, the Show manager.

Actually, it seems that the idea of an event entirely dedicated to the make-up industry was found particularly attractive by stakeholders. According to Marion Geyer, Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics, “MakeUp in Paris will be the future of key companies within the make-up industry to present creativity and innovation in packaging, formulation and marketing. It is an excellent initiative to bring together in one place the important teams of such an exciting and fast-paced segment. Schwan STABILO Cosmetics is proud to participate and share.

Same opinion for make-up designer Max Herlant, who considers that “to gather in the same venue the skills of all make-up professionals is an unique opportunity to take stock of the rejuvenation techniques not needing a white blouse”.