Oriflame, the specialist in direct sales of beauty products in over 60 countries worldwide, has opted for a personalized decoration for the launch of "The One IlluSkin Foundation” last March.

Fitted with an EvoClassic pump from Aptar beauty + home, this new foundation was customized through the coloration in plum of the visible pump as well as the cap, which suggests the "O" of the Oriflame brand as a signature.

In addition to strong aesthetics and a timeless design, suited to all decorating options from the most basic to the most sophisticated, the EvoClassic pump offers excellent compatibility with the Alpha and Evo cartridges and multiple doses, allowing a development in total security for smart and efficient use of the product. For ‘The ONE IlluSkin Foundation’, Oriflame chose the Evo150 cartridges,” says from Aptar beauty + home.

The French supplier also highlights the plus points of its EvoClassic point:

- The cap, the actuator and the ring can be differentiated as required (coloration or metallization).
- For the bottles and tubes, the solution can be plugged into different supports.
- Two versions are available: atmospheric or airless.
- Three doses are available: 150, 200 and 240 μl.
- For enhanced security, the pump is lockable.