JKH Wang, FSKorea

JKH Wang, FSKorea

Premium Beauty News - The latest brochure you just edited on the innovations designed by your company during the past few months is impressive. Not less than 13 innovations!

JKH Wang - FSKorea is a company that builds prosperity via innovation and creativity. We have an innovative design team specialized in the provision of concept development, 3D modelling, visualization and digital data. We are constantly developing new ways of meeting and exceeding customer’s design requirements. Also our team provides turnkey design packages, while maintaining accurate budgets and timely projects. Our design team makes it a priority to stay in tune with industry trends to bring the best and newest ideas.

Premium Beauty News - Could you comment and give us some details on some of those innovations?

JKH Wang - Yes, with pleasure! Of course we cannot detail all thirteen of them here but we can mention the new patent-pending auto-fill droppers which functions easily and efficiently to ensure the consumer always has the correct dosage in the pipette every single time it is used. All the consumer has to do is twist the dropper top mounted on the container – the pipette automatically fills thanks to the new design, primed for use. To release, the user simply has to press the button on top of the dropper to release the liquid onto the desired spot. The system is extraordinarily clean, with almost no residue left inside of the applicator and easy to use – the button release mechanism requires minimal pressure to be activated.

A word also on our “Spinning Powder Jar”. Once again refuses to disappoint the cosmetic market with its new spinning powder jar, a round powder container with a built in brush that spins to provide access to the applicator which can be popped out, used, then put back in place and spun shut for an extraordinarily handy product that’s as elegant as it is distinctive.

The spin jar is incredibly easy to use, resting flat until the consumer picks it up and turns it open. The powder reservoir spins into the outer casing, exposing a lid that incorporates a brush. All the user has to do is pull out the lid, dip the brush into the reservoir, apply the product, then replace the lid and brush and spin the container closed.

Premium Beauty News - You have also caused a small revolution in the world of powder jars... and the one of applicators for concealer and blush.

JKH Wang - Rather than have to twist the “Grinding Compact” to grind the top of the powder block and produce a fine powder, the consumer simply has to push down with a pad to have the entire top portion simultaneously lower and swivel, which releases a small dose that’s perfect for applying on the spot. It’s great for morning make-up application as well as spot treatments, and it can be carried around without fear of having a bag accidentally filled with powder. The new container includes a reservoir for pressed powder, which can be incredibly dense as it is shaved off upon use. The new grinder features a simple push-top mechanism.

As regards our range of “All in One” applicators the first version, with just a quick twist, provides a brightening effect under eyes and along the cheek bones for an instant highlighting result and glow. No need to pack a separate brush : Its built-in tapered brush allows for precise application and it controls the amount of pressure against the skin. This super-soft applicator has a larger cut end compared to others and it expertly blends the product on the eyes. It is a real professional touch! Just slip it into your bag to ensure a luminous glow, from day to night.

The second version: The new applicator presents a very handy and easy to use instrument for consumers, as it is small enough to carry in a bag all day. The container is perfect for concealers or a highlighting cream. Further, the high quality of the brush allows the consumer to use it at any moment by just twisting the bottom of the container, pushing the product up and out through the aperture, applying the correct amount, then using the brush to spread the product perfectly.

The new version features a washable brush that ensures the packaging is always clean, as the dial dispenser ensures that only the required amount is dispensed at any single time. There is no worry of product spillage Rather than have the product dispensed directly into the applicator, this new version puts the aperture on the other side for a two-step, controlled application.

Premium Beauty News - For brushes too, you never cease to innovate.

JKH Wang - Intensive coverage brush collection is our new innovation, Intensive coverage brush head is very densely packed with bristle that feels extremely soft. A traditional paddle-shaped foundation brush, it takes more patience to build up coverage but FSKorea’s new innovative brush allows user to quickly pick up and distribute more product more rapidly.

It is wonderful to work with and to blends foundation well and the silky brush hairs are a tactile pleasure! Also it is easy to control and user can pick up as much product as they want with it and vary the coverage, whether they are going for a more opaque finish or sheer look

A various design of brush head cutting allows comfortable feeling on the skin and nicely for into facial grooves and corners for a smooth finish. Any shape that customer request, we can achieve them and gives a perfect tool for their foundation.

With a slanted even cut, the supple velvety bristles feel comfortable on the skin and fit nicely into facial grooves and corners, allowing for a smooth finish. Also there are various shapes of brush head so customer can choose ideal design for their foundation.

Intensive coverage brush is very densely packed with bristle which is remarkably soft. No scratches. It grabs foundation well, then it lay it down quickly and softly onto the face. Also it does not have a brush mark.

Premium Beauty News - It is also one of your flagship innovations this year, the mascara...

JKH Wang - We found a very common problem when applying mascara: the bristles on the market were tested and simply weren’t strong enough to apply dense formulations properly.

The solution we have developed is to apply a heat treatment to the brush. This “baking” allows the formation of various shapes to the bristles, also making them stronger and harder.

The special heat treatment makes bristles very tight and firm, provides great separation, and maximizes length and definition, providing the consumer with the ability to cover lashes thoroughly from root to tip. Thanks to this, more formula stays in place between the bristles providing a noticeable improvement in performance. Any design for shape of brush is available to appeal to every customer.

We have also developed the spinning mascara which smoothly rolls on to your lashes causing no irritations to sensitive eyes. The spinning mascara may look just like the other mascaras. However, once you open the lid and pull the brush out you will see FS Korea’s secret weapon, the bar. This bar allows you to dip the brush into the formula container just once by capturing enough amount of formula, saving your time and energy of dipping it back and forth. With its spinning function and enough formula already on the brush, FS Korea’s spinning mascara guarantees better colour formation at every touch.