At the heart of mPackting’s philosophy lies the wood waste, a by-product of the Minelli Group’s wood processing activities. By repurposing this abundant and renewable resource, mPackting not only reduces waste but also establishes their factory model and culture as truly circular.

The Minelli Group’s expertise in wood processing plays a pivotal role in mPackting’s offerings. Their knowledge, combined with a wide selection of wood species and finishing options, enables the creation of prestigious closures and containers tailored to the unique needs of beauty brands. Through techniques such as turning, milling, and grinding, mPackting achieves wooden caps and packaging with exquisite surfaces and endless finishing possibilities.

The introduction of mBlack™ signifies a significant milestone for mPackting. This exclusive material, derived from biochar, holds the potential to revolutionize the industry. Biochar, recognized as a carbon sink, effectively absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere over the long term. When combined with a biodegradable biopolymer, mBlack emerges as a sustainable substitute for plastics, mitigating the environmental impact associated with traditional polymers. Crucially, mBlack is biodegradable and does not release microplastics, ensuring its environmental friendliness throughout its entire life cycle.

mBlack offers a multitude of advantages over conventional materials. Not only does it store carbon in a stable form over the long term, actively reducing CO2 emissions, but it also exhibits the same functionality and versatility as standard plastics. This innovative material can be molded, decorated, and customized to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of cosmetic packaging. By choosing mBlack, beauty brands can make a tangible difference in their sustainability efforts without compromising on quality or visual appeal.

Remaining true to Minelli’s heritage, mPackting operates in the finished products market, providing custom solutions for clients seeking alternatives to traditional materials for the cosmetic industry. One compelling demonstration of mPackting’s potential is the "Silva Collection," a line of refillable cosmetic packaging that includes a compact, a jar, and a lipstick solution. Unveiled during PCD Paris earlier this year, the Silva Collection was designed by mPackting in collaboration with the renowned designer Thierry De Baschmakoff.

He commented, "The objective was to incorporate sustainable features and, most importantly, eliminate waste, even making the wood disappear, thanks to mPackting’s expertise in woodworking and finishing. Each person must interpret wood differently, as it is a noble material. The secret to luxury lies in the details, which is why we achieved amazing results through customized decoration using various finishing techniques."

In addition to mBlack and wood, mPackting prides itself on providing comprehensive packaging solutions for any client ideas. Acting as a single point of contact, the company seamlessly assists their customers in the development, design, engineering, and integration of various components such as metals, biopolymers, and more, to create comprehensive and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

mPackting operates with a strong emphasis on a local, short supply chain, underscoring their commitment to sustainability. With approximately 1500 sub-suppliers located within a 200 km radius of their headquarters, mPackting prioritizes collaboration with regional partners. This approach ensures efficiency, reduces transportation-related emissions, and supports local economies. By maintaining a close network of trusted suppliers, mPackting is able to streamline operations, maintain rigorous quality control, and uphold their environmental values throughout the entire production process.