Coloured pencils, pencil sharpeners, pencil jars, paper models, a drawing contest, an instructor and materials of quality, cushions... nothing will be missing for the MakeUp Artist Lounge of MakeUp in Paris to be a warm, cosy and playful setting.

Schwan Cosmetics Faber-Castell Cosmetics, and Mobius & Ruppert, have accepted to offer the necessary supplies and thus bring the necessary "material" for this art to freely express itself. And Nicolas Bellino (make-up artist) playing the role of master of the place will animate the Lounge. Natrafil (DuPont Cosmetic Solutions), the sponsor of this operation will reward the best drawing.

It is in this same space that three fashion designers: Bénédicte Mouret, Claude Moes and Céline Devisme will present their original creations combining fashion to techniques and materials from the packaging or make-up components. An operation that was made possible, in particular thanks to the participation of such companies as Arcade Europe, Sleever International, Dupont Natrafil, Alkos Group, Geka, Leonard Brushes and LF Beauty.

Registration must be done on line this year at to get your badge that gives you free access to the conferences and animations for the 2 days of the MakeUp in Paris event (June 21st - 22th, 2012 - Carrousel du Louvre, Paris)