It was announced lately last week, Hervé: Solomon, former American National Can and Graham Packaging executive, has bought up LIR Packaging. Undoubtedly good news for the beauty industry when industrial relocation in Europe is a new buzzword in Europe.

The French firm, which is headquartered in Provins (North-East of France) and a historical specialist of beauty packaging, is thus making a fresh start with a staff reduced to 24 people and an industrial equipment featuring 21 injection moulding machines, two polishing lines, including one that use water-soluble products, four assembly lines for sticks and robotic roll-ons, not to mention several finihsing machines (screen printing, hot stamping etc..).

The company’s main market segments are stick and roll-on deodorants (in the past, they made the company’s reputation), as well as various types of parts for the beauty industry (closures, caps, hoops, etc.). The main asset highlighted by the company’s new manager: its ability to address small quantity orders.

Note that the firm has already announced its move to a new industrial location by the end of 2013, still in the neighbourhood of Provins.