The French Agency has suspended the manufacture and sale of a body and hair foaming gel produced by natural and organic cosmetics maker Cattier. The Agency says key documents are missing in the product’s information package.

French and European regulations require cosmetics manufacturers to keep an information file readily available to control bodies for each product placed on the European Union market. According to the French agency, Cattier has no been able to show the assessment corresponding to the concerned foaming gel. Subsequently, the specific assessment regarding products intended for children’s is also missing.

The AFSSAPS detected these key pieces were lacking on the occasion of an inspection conducted in the company’s facilities on October 14, 2008. The Agency said Cattier failed to provide enough additional elements until December 15 and therefore decided to adopt a precautionary decision and to suspend the production and sale of the foaming gel.

In the wake of a strong media buzz and polemics regarding the safety of baby care cosmetic products and their distribution of in maternities, the AFSSAPS announced its intention to tighten controls over cosmetics intended for children of less than 3 years old. Furthermore, since the outset of 2008, the French control body had been operating series of controls focusing on natural and organic cosmetics. In 2009, the Agency wants to evaluate the safety assessment methods specifically developed by manufacturers of baby care goods

Otherwise, the AFSSAPS also announced reinforced controls for other product categories, in particular so-called ethnic products, including skin whitening and skin lightening products, as well as hair curling and hair straightening products.