Naya is an industrial project gathering five French partners motivated by the aim to create a fully eco-designed product. From raw materials to manufacturing, every step of the product development has been thought with the aim to minimize its ecological impact: eco-thought design, 100% recycled and recyclable glass and PET, Bagasse paper (extracted from sugar cane residue), vegetable inks and the bio skin-care cream.

100% recycled and recyclable glass

SGD, an international leader in glass packaging, used its “Infinite Glass” technique to produce a jar in harmony with aesthetics of perfumes and cosmetics with a smaller impact on the environment.

Infinite Glass”, is a 100% recyclable glass dedicated to perfumery and cosmetics. Made of 100% of clear household cullet, its fabrication minimizes raw materials extractions, CO2 emissions and limits energy consumption.

Furthermore, they used a low energy consumption inks to decorate Naya’s jar.


Naya is also an eco-formulated skin care product. Strand Cosmetics Europe has dedicated all of its expertise to searching for and selecting the best raw materials available to create a skin care cream combining a natural approach with technology.

Strand Cosmetics Europe has worked in partnership with the beauty industries for both skin care products and make-up since 1964, they are specialized in the development, manufacturing and filling of cosmetic products.

Recycled caps

Specialized in injecting and decorating aesthetical plastic parts, such as closures, sticks, boxes, and dispensers, VPI, a subsidiary of Faiveley Plasturgie Group, proposed solutions of injected caps and closures made with R’PET (PET 100% recycled from plastic bottles collection) combining transparency and gloss.

“Tree free” board

For Naya, Wauters, an Imprim’vert certified printer creator, chose a “tree-free” board called The Bagasse, made of 90 % sugar cane residues and 10 % linen and hemp, with aim “to meet today the requirements of tomorrow’s luxury cosmetic market”.

Product identity

Extrême Paris, a design agency specialised in cosmetics, also contributed to the project by pushing its reflection above the name, the volume, the graphical identity of Naya, with the aim to ally technicality and natural cosmetic.

The whole project was validated by EcoCert, a certification agency specialising in organic and eco-friendly products.