The French Agency for the Medical Safety of Health Products (AFSSAPS) has requested all items of the produce by Bio Arômes, a producer of certified organic products.

In addition to the fact that a batch of the product was found contaminated with mould after an inspection on the company’s production site in July, the AFSSAPS mentions several failures to comply with the regulations applicable to cosmetic products:

 the product’s quantitative and qualitative formula is not correct,
 the product’s safety assessment is missing,
 the claimed sun protection factor is not substantiated and tests performed by the authorities have evaluated it at 13 instead of 40 as claimed on the product’s label.

The Agency also indicates that the company failed to send the product’s formula to the antipoison centres of Paris, Lyon and Marseilles as requested b the French law in order to facilitate the treatment in case of emergency.

The Agency subsequently concluded that the product was potentially harmful to human health:

Request for product withdrawal, Bio Arômes