After conducting various missions in Asia, including some for Cosmogen, Frédéric Porquet, 45, takes the lead of Cosmogen’s Engineering Offices that are located in Paris and Shenzhen.

Frédéric Porquet, takes the lead of Cosmogen's Engineering Offices that are...

Frédéric Porquet, takes the lead of Cosmogen’s Engineering Offices that are located in Paris and Shenzhen

The arrival of this expert in Engineering, design and industrialization of luxury cosmetics packaging is a strong and reassuring signal from Cosmogen, that helps us be the leader of innovation and development,” says Cosmogen in a release.

His mission is to bring innovations and solutions to market needs in support of key business functions (General Management, Sales and Marketing), and to define and lead the R&D projects and make sure patents - a key differentiation point - are protected. Meanwhile, he will restructure and deploy a quality strategy that enhances procedures and checks of suppliers, with the aim to deliver technical safe and secure solutions to customers.

"In 2015, five employees joined Cosmogen’s Engineering offices in France and China. We needed a leader to guide Cosmogen’s innovation strategy, that could define the R&D areas and pilot teams. We look forward to the arrival of Frédéric. He masters all processes from product usage and thinking, to production, and knows well our customers, their problems and their requirements," says Renaud van den Berg, CEO of Cosmogen.

Frédéric Porquet owns an Engineering Designer degree from L’institut Supérieur de Design of Valenciennes. He has ten-year experience as Technical Director of Qualipac China in Shanghai. He was previously Manager of Priminter Engineering Office in France and has been working in innovation at R&D Industries for 6 years.