Françoise Montenay

Françoise Montenay

Premium Beauty News - A bit of history first... When and why did this idea of creating this association emerge?

Françoise Montenay - Beauty Centres start with the CEW, a trade association for reflection and action created in 1986 and which brings together women decision makers from the Beauty world. It is itself an offshoot of the American women’s organization bearing the same name, founded in 1954.

The "C" letter of course stands for "Cosmetics" (all members carry responsibilities in the beauty business, upstream or downstream from the chain that constitutes the perfume and cosmetics industry). The "E" letter stands for "Executive" (within the brands and companies serving the beauty industry, and at different levels of management, its members take a part in the creation, spreading and influence of Beauty in France and across the world). Finally, the "W" letter stands obviously for "Women" since all members are women and what women!

By offering free beauty treatments within hospitals, our Beauty centres offer a interlude of serenity and comfort through the remarkable work achieved by beauticians. This allows patients to "come to terms" with their image and fight better against illness.

Note that in addition to Beauty treatments, we have set up olfactory workshops in several hospitals and CEW volunteers (neurological rehabilitation, adult oncology, geriatrics) by specialists of olfaction and with the support of the IFF (International Flavours and Fragrances). By using a variety of odours, patients who have suffered various injuries find the way back to their memory ("Smell to Remember") or to taste.

Premium Beauty News - What kind of care is provided?

Françoise Montenay - Since the creation of Beauty Centres in 1992, the number of care offered is steadily increasing. (facial hair removal, nail polish, make-up, manicure etc ...). And the most popular care are manicure, pedicure, massage, make-up beauty tips...

Premium Beauty News - What are the next steps for the Beauty Centres and the CEW?

Françoise Montenay - Actions undertaken by Beauty Centres can only increase. We have many projects under way and a large number of requests. Like any organization, we obviously need funds. I take this opportunity to thank all our donors for the invaluable help they offer us every year. And I can only invite all men and women who want to contribute to this exciting, rewarding and restorative task to join us.

Concerning the CEW, as you know, we often hold events in the form of round tables, meetings or debates in a spontaneous manner, like for example, a "brands-creators-distributors" round table to explore avenues on the future of perfume, or of meetings on the occasion of an event such as, June last, MakeUp in Paris, where our members were delighted by their visit to the show and its make-up animation performed by the make-up artist Max Herland. Our next debates will focus on make-up and beauty on the web.

Premium Beauty News - Next year will mark the 25th anniversary of the Association.

Françoise Montenay - Yes absolutely! The highlight of this event will be the organization in June 2011, during the second or third quarter, of a big meeting in Paris, which will give us a chance to honour women who have marked the profession and put forward our image of women leaders who have an opinion on the future of our industry and share it.