Naturality in all its forms

 New green extraction technologies with novel olfactive renditions of classic natural ingredients.
 Carefully-sourced and/or upcycled naturals or bio-based white chemistry / fermentation matching the consumers’ expectations for more respectful production.

Alternatives for restricted ingredients & endangered species

 A lot of alternatives for muguet replacers from different fragrance houses.
 Bio-based solutions for endangered natural ingredients or vegan replacers.

Impactful synthetic ingredients

In the Ambery, Woody and Musky spaces (trending) but also classic Floral / Green / Fruity palette ingredients restaged to help designing cost-effective and environmentally-conscious new fragrances.

Some surprises

The show was also the occasion of a couple of "coup-de-coeur".

For more details on each ingredient, please download the presentation:


The next edition of SIMPPAR will take place in Grasse, on May 28 and 29, 2024.