At the in-cosmetics Global trade show in Paris, Eurofragance has introduced three key innovations: a collection of vegan, sustainable and eco- certifiable fragrances dubbed Ecoconscious; Sensolab, a collection of fragrances designed to upgrade the sensorial level of solid and anhydrous formats; a first captive perfumery ingredient dubbed L’Âme du Bois.

Inspiring new solid cosmetics formats

The Sensolab collection has been designed to meet the sensory requirements of new solid and anhydrous formats while being in line with their environmental-friendly approach.

The set of products showcased during the show included: a body lotion stick fragranced with bergamot and cannabis notes; a water-free coffee and white flower scented solid conditioner; and a powder shampoo with hints of apricot and carrot.

Other highlights of this collection are: a pocket deodorant in a compact powder format with notes of moringa flower, which absorbs body odours and leaves a silky sensation on skin; a bath confetti soap that brings playfulness to the shower, in a format that diffuses olfactive notes of mandarin.

Vegan and sustainable fragrances

The company also introduced Ecoconscious, a collection of vegan, sustainable fragrances with natural ingredients, formulated with floral-fruity, citrus and woody, fruity- sweet and fruity-aqueous notes, some of them being eco-certifiable.

Ucycled captive

In addition, Eurofragance unveiled various applications created with L’Âme du Bois, the first captive perfumery ingredient launched in October 2021.

These new series of applications was an opportunity to show a first olfactory range based on the innovation in the form of fine fragrances, a shampoo and a scented candle.

"Our presence at in-cosmetics illustrates our particular desire to accelerate our growth in personal care. We have a palette of high-quality raw materials and an excellent level of customer service along with valuable market knowledge that make us ready to respond to new consumer demands,” highlighted Olegario Monegal, Global Business Unit Director of Home and Personal Care.