Which ingredients from a perfumer’s palette may be used to give a mineral facet to a fragrance?

Mainly ozonic notes, such as Calone for example, with an aqueous and slightly aniseed-scented, marine aroma, suggestive of the seaside, rocks and iodized air. In addition, a perfumer may also use cashmeran for its salty facet, as well as amber notes and fucus absolute which evoke, respectively, bitumen and stone. Menthol is also ideal for recreating icy freshness in a fragrance.

What is the difference between mineral notes and citrus notes?

Although both bring freshness, citrus notes, which are often found in top notes, disappear very rapidly after a few minutes. Mineral notes have the advantage of being longer-lasting, extending their freshness into a fragrance’s heart and drydown notes.

Masculine or feminine ?

Although mineral notes are more frequently found in fragrances for men, they are an interesting choice for women’s compositions. Obviously, here they are used in smaller quantities. If I create a floral fragrance for example, the flower will be dominant, of course, and the mineral note will allow me to add a specific accent and slight twist, giving the scent a certain unique quality.

Symrise raw material with a mineral effect

Although the perfumer’s palette has greatly expanded thanks to a wide variety of synthetic scents that bring mineral notes, the Symrise Fine Fragrance division boasts exclusive raw materials which allow perfumers working in the composition firm to create original and fully unique olfactory partitions.

Belanis ®

A combination of white flowers and jasmine with aniseed facets that accentuates hints of licorice, saffron, basil and opoponax to give a fragrance a light Tuscany freshness.

Symmarine ®

Utterly fresh, Symmarine® adds body to drydown notes while enhancing their diffusion. Intensely wet natural qualities with cold and metallic facets and a light natural ozonic touch.

Ambrostar ®

One of the most successful captives to date that brings to life the forgotten note of ambergris. An incredible dry woody note with unique and contrasting mineral facet