With consumers increasingly eager for new experiences, the pace of new launches keeps speeding up and new brands have emerged, supported by distributors trying to stand out. New concepts have been created and distributors themselves are starting to take control, as can be seen with the partnership between H&M and Givaudan.

High perfumery needs to remain attractive, but it is increasingly compelled to surprise and penetrate unexpected territories. New ingredients, new notes, new applicators, new textures, new functions: brands, suppliers, and distributors have been methodically exploring these multiple avenues for innovation.

In keeping with the event organized last year, the 2018 Fragrance Innovation Summit to be held next October 25 in Paris will provide an overview of the major market trends, the latest innovations, and the emerging technologies, as well as testimonies of professionals. The presentation agenda was deliberately reduced to focus on the essentials. Ultimately, philosopher and essayist Gilles Lipovetsky will put new consumer expectations in perspective in a world marked by hyper-seduction.

Discover the whole day’s agenda and join us to imagine the future of perfumery together.

Detailed programme and registrations: here

A Premium Beauty News event, in partnership with the Fragrance Foundation France and NEZ la revue.