About thirty speakers, perfumers, communicators, packaging players, startups, retailers, trainers, analysts, consultants, and others will take turns the whole day to screen the major avenues of investigation offered to brands. Both in Europe and around the world, today, the challenge for the perfume industry lies in seducing, but also surprising specific, less dynamic categories.

Game-changing technologies

Mathilde Lion, of NPD Group, will present a world tour to make an update of the industry, talk about prospects, and highlight the most innovative launches. Then, other conferences will discuss the means of intervention offered by new technologies during the various phases in the life of a perfume.

After clean beauty, clean perfumery?

Consumer expectations related to good practices, Guerlain’s transparency commitment, the introduction of a new virtuous brand, biotechnologies, the all-natural challenge, ingredient sustainability… many aspects will be described throughout the summit, showing how the perfume industry reinvents itself for more naturalness, similarly to the transformation made on the cosmetics segment.

Suppliers as innovation pioneers

Thanks to endless practical solutions, industrial partners show how committed they are to meeting new challenges related to the circular economy, digitalization, or time-to-market. They will detail their strategies in these different areas.

And of course, consumers…

The customer experience, the last consumer approach phase for brands, represents a major challenge driven by communication, the social media, the in-store experience, and cross-channel marketing. Experiences and recommendations will be shared for everyone to take stock of the possibilities available mixing the human and digital aspects.

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