Strange fragrance variations

To present the new line, Primpack is moving into obscure trends, as the design of «Dark Muse» takes its inspiration from black magic and fetishism.

The items are plunged in midnight blue, lit by a matte gold silkscreen logo. A strangely voluptuous fragrance reigns over the entire collection.

The line can be customized to obtain a very personal metamorphosis.

The pleasure of the gesture

Primapack’s new packaging collection contains fragrance in all of its myriad forms—liquid, powder, compact and gel—to meet all demands and gestures, from the most practical to the most sophisticated.

The collection includes:

- A Purse spray with a modern look that resembles a mobile phone with the spray cap integrated into its own plastic shell.
- A Pocket spray: elegant and portable with an aluminium covering.
- A roll-on (with plastic or stainless-steel ball). This slim roll-on can be slipped into a purse and allows for a quick fragrance touch-up in the neck, behind the ear or on the wrist.
- A powder puff in soft velvety cotton that releases loose powder that perfumes and gilds the skin in a single gesture.
- A blotter shaped like a mini domino in perfumed and sequined tulle, to play with or to discover the fragrance.
- The line wouldn’t be complete without a solid fragrance. With its zamak case, this packaging allows the application of your favorite fragrance with your fingertips while focusing on the sensual contact with a cream of powder formula.

Specific expertise

Founded in 2002, Primapack is renowned for its expertise in specific packaging for the fragrance industry.

A few recent creations for this market include:

- Injected aluminum caps for Narciso Rodriguez For Her Limited Edition;
- Dual-material plastic and leather caps for Bugatti Pure Black;
- Men and women’s perfumed jewelry from Jean-Paul Gaultier.