The Fragrance Creators Association has called for fragrance manufacturing facilities to remain operational amidst the ongoing COVID-19 health pandemic. The trade association, which aims to represent the fragrance industry in North America, has published a letter requesting federal, state and local elected officials to exclude fragrance manufacturing facilities from any mandated closures or restrictions arising from the pandemic in the US.

Fragrance is an element in cleaning and sanitizing products. (Photo: ©...

Fragrance is an element in cleaning and sanitizing products. (Photo: © shironosov /

"Fragrance is a critical formulation input into cleaning and sanitizing products," read a press statement from the organization. "In addition to imparting scents that encourage proper use, fragrance technologies also work to mask unpleasant odors that could discourage use." The group has also pointed out that the fragrance industry is adapting production schedules to help ensure fragrances for safe and effective cleaning and sanitizing products in homes, hospitals, food processing plants and more, amidst a heightened state of awareness when it comes to cleanliness.

"The association is focused on driving awareness that fragrance is a critical component of cleaning and sanitizing formulations," said Farah Ahmed, President & CEO, Fragrance Creators, in a statement. "We stand together with federal, state, and local governments in the desire to meet this challenge, and are committed to ensuring that Americans continue to have access to essential health products that protect against the spread of COVID-19."

Full text of the letter is available: here.