The new range designed by Strand Cosmetics Europe combines sensoriality, the delicate perfume of jasmine flowers and the efficacy of its carefully selected active ingredients that provide coolness, soothing and protection of the skin for an anti-pollution and anti-blue light end product.

The formulas are distinguished by their original textures, the concentration of active ingredients and their specific assets: moisturising, firming effect, concealer and anti-stress etc. A complementary range for a pleasant and efficient daily beauty ritual,” explains the company.

The range features the following products:

- Floral Day Cream acts as a shield for the skin. Its texture penetrates gently and leaves a soft and non-sticky film that moisturises and soothes the skin while offering protection from external pollution. Its jasmine fragrance plunges the user into a floral universe which is both soothing and relaxing.

- Floral Lotion is a slightly gelled lotion infused with jasmine petals designed to awaken and soothe sensitive skin. It deposits a protective and firming film that prepares the skin for the day ahead.

- Floral Serum is a concentrated care product with ultra-sensory flowers that wraps the skin in a silky, protective film, with an immediate firming effect. Brimming with soothing anti-pollution floral extracts, the skin is prepared to receive makeup.

- Floral Magic Mask is easy to apply all over the face and creates an immediate sensation of freshness. The real jasmine petals contained in this transparent gel contribute to the diffusion of anti-stress and anti-pollution active ingredients through the epidermis.

- Floral Eye Contour provides a fresh, soothing effect with immediate and lasting protection against urban pollution. The zamak tip of the tube facilitates the application of gel around the contours of the eyes then, when massaged in, it enhances penetration of the active ingredients and activates the micro circulation for concealer efficiency.

Power Key ingredients:

- Butterfly bush flower extract (buddleja officinalis): Protection against damage caused by blue light and stimulator of the cellular detoxification system.

- Jasmin Flower extract: Subtle and cocooning

- Biopolymer extract from a red alga and the tara (Caesalpina spinosa): Film-forming active ingredient which works like a shield. Immediate tensing effect.

- Centella Asiatica & Calendula extracts (Eye contour): Reduce dark circles, anti-puffiness