A century and a half after the birth of René Lalique, Lalique Parfums wished to pay tribute to him with Fleur de Cristal a floral, fresh and musky fragrance.

The delicacy of the Lilly of the Valley, a flower that fascinated René Lalique, inspired the bottle.

Suspending 19 little bells in a completely translucent ring? Such was the technical challenge which had never been attempted before in the perfume field, until now. Lalique Parfums, VPI, Dupont and the mould-maker have thus worked intensely together to develop the required technology.

Fleur de Cristal, Lalique

Fleur de Cristal, Lalique

VPI suggested and developed the tri-injection used in such a way as to encapsulate the 19 little bells between two layers of Surlyn PC 2000, Dupont’s resin, and thus ensure pureness and transparency.

The Lilly of the Valley bells, floating in the Surlyn were moulded with a compound, specially-invented with Dupont in order to guarantee the finesse of their shape and complete integration, without distortion, into the ring. Injected over two stages, this ring requires three layers of material and a complete mastery of transformation parameters to maintain the overall quality of the product at each stage.

Achieving this project required 18 months of work, several stages of prototype, several trial moulds and dozens of tiny adjustments from all the industrial partners.