Flacon Couture International (FCI) continues to grow. In 2012, the turnover of the company increased by 28% compared to the previous year, despite an unfavourable economic environment.

Our business is focused on the development of specific bottles in small series for the segment niche perfumes," says Xavier Vaisière, the president of the company. The company takes full advantage of the growth of niche perfumery market. "The challenge is to combine very high quality requirements of emerging brands with small series, while being able to stick to realistic budgets," he adds.

Indeed Xavier Vaisière believes that so-called standard bottles are hardly compatible with the requirements of luxury perfumery. “Using them implies to take the risk of finding the same bottles used by several brands, thus complicating the brand’s identification, even with the current customisation techniques. Not to mention the risks of copies.

Even in a context where the fragrance itself is of high importance, the influence of the bottle on the purchase decision cannot be overlooked. Actually, it is the first physical contact between the product and the customer, and therefore must be consistent with the brand’s positioning and values.

FCI is able to develop specific bottles with minimum order quantities of 10,000 pieces. The company’s list of customers includes brands such as Byredo or Baobab Collection. "We offer a la carte service: it begins from the development of the bottle and its accessories, up to the supply of a packaged bottle," details Xavier Vaisière.