Just a few months after the establishment of the standard of the new European label, Silab has obtained the COSMOS certification for five active ingredients from its catalogue: Osilift® Bio, Sensiline® Bio, Glyco-Repair® Bio, Structurine® Bio, and Vitanol® Bio.

The list of these COSMOS-certified active ingredients will grow some time in 2013 with the entire catalogue of active ingredients that are already certified as per the ECOCERT Natural and Organic Cosmetics standard,” says the company in release.

The COSMOS standard is the result of the harmonisation of separate standards of Europe’s leading certification bodies (BDIH, COSMEBIO, Ecocert Greenlife, ICEA and SOIL Association).

More than just a simple ingredient declaration, which is opted for by other market players, Silab went ahead and obtained the COSMOS certification for its active ingredients, which is extremely demanding in terms of quality, traceability and transparency – inherent to the core values of the company. This commitment is based on very comprehensive specifications of the Silab natural active ingredients: safe and sustainable sourcing, scientifically proven efficacy, toxicological validation, intellectual property,” the company adds.

Thus, the list of criteria analyzed by Ecocert Greenlife, the certification body, during the annual audit, features: compliance of industrial procedures, analysis of water waste, industrial waste and power consumption, responsible purchasing policy and supply of plants from organic farming.

This COSMOS certification confirms the global policy and ethics of Silab, in compliance with the principles of the standard: promote the use of ingredients obtained from organic farming, use processes of production and transformation that are environment-friendly and have no adverse effect on human health,” concludes the company.