Firmenich continues its strategic endeavour to develop its presence in China. After having been the first global fragrance house to establish a Fine Fragrance Atelier in China in 2019, the fragrance and taste company has just signed a partnership with Harmay, a high-end beauty and fragrance retail skincare and fragrance retail chain in China.

The aim of the two companies is to boost the development of the Fine Fragrance category in China, by leveraging their respective capabilities to support the development of new fragrance brands, concepts, experiences and models.

Founded in 2008, Harmay is one of China’s leading retailer for high-end fragrances and beauty products. Their warehouse-based store aesthetic attracts a strong Generation Z customer base. The brand has become synonymous with art and culture in China by offering premium beauty, skincare, fragrance and lifestyle products through its online and offline stores. All of its offline stores feature innovative designs and have gained a loyal following for their unique consumer experience.

Harmay storefront in Beijing (Beijing, Universal Citywalk, Courtyard 1, Universal Avenue, Tongzhou District, Beijing, China) Photo: Courtesy of Harmay

"China is projected to be the new frontier of the global fine fragrance market, with many local brands emerging and a significant increasing usage among consumers, especially with Gen Z,” said Jason Ju, Harmay’s co-founder.