Pierre Miasnik

Pierre Miasnik

Premium Beauty News - There has been no signs of a slowdown in your activity these past months and, even more so for the year that just started?

Pierre Miasnik - It’s true! Our business this year should be just as strong as it was last year.

To summarize, and to better understand the challenges to which we are confronted, Fiabila doubled its turnover in two years time! And it is certainly not finished. Nail polish has become the unavoidable make-up accessory. Each passing day confirms this. Just imagine, of the 160,000 colour references included in our portfolio, over 30,000 were active last year!

Premium Beauty News - Such growth obviously requires to be able to follow suit industrially speaking?

Pierre Miasnik - Of course! As we had already announced some months ago in your newsletter, we have opened last October a new packaging site of 3,500 sqm in France, in Le Perray en Yvelines that hosts an area for filling operations equipped with high-speed lines but also two storage areas, one for containers, and the other one for flammable raw materials. Aim of the operation: increase our overall capacity, but also a desire to offer our customers the best possible service.

As for the U.S., we have just acquired a second plant in New Jersey, which will be operational in May this year. Furthermore, an extension for this site will be completed in January 2013. Two joint actions that will, also, enable us to purely and simply double our business across the Atlantic.
Third country, India where we are currently completing the construction of our second factory (3,500 sqm). It will be operational in late June.

Premium Beauty News - 2012 will also be a special year for your plant in Maintenon!

Pierre Miasnik - Yes and this is a major project! We have obtained all the necessary authorisations for the site’s extension. The purpose is not only to step up production thanks to an improved productivity, but to also optimize safety conditions by limiting, for example, to the maximum handling in open tanks.

Premium Beauty News - Quality and safety...., two obsessions!

Pierre Miasnik - They are not the only ones but they are indeed very important!

You know, our customers standards have never stopped increasing. Our products have evolved considerably towards greater purity with the use of increasingly safer raw materials for consumers. Our role is of course to provide the product that matches best the desired quality.

This results in huge investments not only from an industrial viewpoint but also, in terms of staff. The qualification of our personnel is a constant concern.

Especially since in parallel there is a reduction in the number of major global players which means we have to deal with still larger bulk quantities. Highly refined and flawless quality, short deadlines, a wide variety of products, large tonnages, controlled risks... give you an idea of the equation!

Premium Beauty News - Your desire to extend to other parts of the world is still one of your goals?

Pierre Miasnik - Yes, of course! But it’s still a little too early to talk about it. The 2012 year should hold some surprises.