Pierre Miasnik, CEO and founder of Fiabila

Pierre Miasnik, CEO and founder of Fiabila

With the regularity of a metronome, Fiabila is unfolding its impressive modernization and development strategy. The motto of the Miasnik family, "Be the best and stay the best" could not be truer year after year. In five years and a half, the French firm spent more than 66.5 million euros to stay at the top.

"There is no other choice," insists Pierre Miasnik. "Regulatory requirements and our customers’ needs don’t allow us any respite. Since our inception in 1977, the quality and performance of our formulas have always been our primary commitments. Our French plant in Eure et Loir is a proof of this and, as was done on a smaller scale in Brazil, we are duplicating the process in the U.S., with in addition the aim to invest in conditioning activities and to open an office in Los Angeles. The total investment in the U.S. will thus amount to USD 20 million."

It may be recalled that the new facilities of the French plant are home to 16 tanks for the storage of raw materials, 4 kilometres of pipelines to convey them separately with no risk of cross-contamination, not to mention the fact that the computerization and security of processes were stepped up at each production stages. Good environmental practices and working conditions are also key components of this industrial combination. Hence the trapping and reprocessing of volatile compounds and the recycling of washing solvents enables to reduce our carbon footprint. The delivery of bulk raw material with dedicated tanker lorries, allows saving several thousand metal barrels per year. Finally, as a consequence, the increased automation contributes both to enhance the safety of the employees and improve the working conditions.

"With this industrial tool and these new processes, insists Pierre Miasnik, we really pushed the limits to a level never reached before!"

Double-digit growth!

A 2016 year that looks very promising for the Group with a turnover expected to post a double digit growth rate.

"And this, explains Pierre Miasnik, in spite of relative market stagnation in the U.S. and Europe, although South America is progressing. We are constantly winning over new market shares, which tends to show the level of confidence market players, large or small, have in us. A loyalty that did not happen by chance. We have the product lines the market is looking for. Our customers know that they will find with us quality not to say consistent quality".

Whether in Europe, Brazil, the U.S., Japan, Mexico, India, China... the Group will keep up the pace in its industrial investments strategy. "We also invest a lot in research and creativity," underlines Pierre Miasnik. "It is essential because market players are more and more in demand for new products!"

To note that the company was granted its final operating license for Brazil, namely the Anvisa, meaning that its production site can now start running, both from an operational and regulatory point of view.