Pierre Miasnik, President of the Fiabila Group and Alexandre Miasnik,...

Pierre Miasnik, President of the Fiabila Group and Alexandre Miasnik, General Manager. Photo: © Fiabila

The opening of this new, twelfth production site just shows how strong the Brazilian market’s potential is. Considered as the first global market in volume for nail polish, Brazil boasts exponential dynamics. “Brazil should soon be ranked first in value, as the nail polish unit price is very low there,” declares Pierre Miasnik, the group’s President. This future situation goes with consumers’ search for more qualitative products. “The market is not mature in terms of offering and marketing, so there is a strong potential for a restructured, more qualitative, diversified, and technical offering,” adds General Manager Alexandre Miasnik.

As the only one global producer in this field to have a production unit in Brazil, Fiabila appears as a choice partner for major Brazilian players and global cosmetics brands as they enter a market devoid of any tailor-made packaging expert in nail polish.

In addition, this opportunity helps the manufacturer highlight his unique know-how and technologies. The latest change in Sun Prodigy showcased at Cosmoprof 2018 perfectly exemplifies this. A pioneer in hybrid formulas, Fiabila has been working for several years on improving their performances to reach levels close to permanent nail polish gels, only without the drawbacks. The Sun Prodigy patented solution is derived from this technology. Based on the development of an innovative oligomer, the formula polymerizes in the presence of natural UV rays, those of the day light, for a long wear, shiny result that can last over seven days. It is a three-step application: the base for the adhesion, the coloured layer, and the overlayer sensitive to the sun rays. Each of these three specific products can also be used separately.

The Brazilian market is very specific. Women often go to beauty salons, where the application is definitely affordable, but home routines are increasingly popular. In addition, they are not turned to semi-permanent polish at all, whereas customer expectations tend to be focused on long wear and shininess, as well as quality, to prevent any allergic reactions, which are frequent with local products. So, our solution has it all to convince them,” comments Alexandre Miasnik.

A great, flexible product capacity

The new production site spreads across 15,000 m2, including 8,000 m2 of buildings, for a manufacturing capacity of 20 tonnes of base per day and eight filling and packaging lines, three of which are already working. Two additional ones will be operational this summer, and three others are scheduled in the short term. The plant comprises an R&D laboratory to control raw materials and finished products and offers customers very high-level service and flexibility. “Fiabila can supply all market segments, whatever the price positioning, but always with a better quality offering. The price range is very large here, it can range from 3 to more than 20 Reais, and the formulas are not always that safe,” explains Alexandre Miasnik. “Our offering is also much diversified for players whose demand can range from simple colourless bases to turnkey finished products. Our flexibility is an advantage,” he adds.

The new Fiabila production site has a manufacturing capacity of 20 tonnes...

The new Fiabila production site has a manufacturing capacity of 20 tonnes of base per day and eight filling and packaging lines, three of which are already working. Photo: © Fiabila

At the end of their first year of activity, the two Directors draw positive conclusions from the significant investments made. “We are already working with high-profile players in Brazil, and more widely across Latin America. The globalization of local brands plays a positive role: we can provide them with a qualified product which can be distributed all around the world without any risks,” asserts the group’s President.