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Fiabila announces the start of its second filling unit in Japan

The information was published last September in Premium Beauty News. Nine months later and with the timeliness that characterizes the French Group specialized in the manufacture of nail polish, Pierre Miasnik, the CEO, announced this week that the Group’s second Japanese factory, based in the Iwaki region was now operational. Explanations...

Pierre Miasnik

Pierre Miasnik

Premium Beauty News - This acceleration in your investments in major theatres of operation in the Beauty industry around the world is quite impressive!

Pierre Miasnik - I don’t know if it’s impressive but it was necessary. We must be able to meet the needs of brand owners in all the areas of the world where they operate. This responsiveness, industrially speaking, is of course important but it’s not enough. What matters the most, and especially in Japan, is to comply with deadlines and regulations, security of supply and, above all, offer an impeccable level of quality. Quality and security are and always have been key criteria for us. Our business has evolved significantly in recent years. We never stop adapting each day.

I have already emphasised in your newsletter, but this is now a leitmotiv: the more our customers concentrate, the more their requirements increase in fields as diverse as the reduction of the environmental impact, the carbon footprint of offered products, ethical and quality considerations. They have become so strategic and vital that we are compelled to set up teams capable of mastering these areas.

Premium Beauty News - There is no better example, indeed, in terms of quality requirements than Japan?

Pierre Miasnik - We have been carrying out conditioning activities in this country since 2000 under the leadership of our partner Akira Hara. Undoubtedly those who can claim handling flammable products in Japan, where authorizations are scarce, automatically acquire a true legitimacy in terms of quality. I even surprise myself when I visit this country, to see, in our own production sites the quality level we have reached.

Fiabila’s new unit in Japan

Fiabila’s new unit in Japan

This is in fact the whole meaning of my message in this announcement on the doubling of our production capacity locally that I have wished to pass on today. This second Japanese plant, extending over 1,300m² of premises on a plot of 6,000m² with its three filling lines and a storage capacity for flammables products of 20 tonnes is clearly designed to strengthen our capacity in Japan and for Japan. This industrial complex was designed with all the necessary precautions in terms of geographical location and complies with the Continuous Business Planning concept in the event of climatic or seismic damages.

Premium Beauty News - This strategy also reinforces, of course, your presence in Asia?

Pierre Miasnik - That’s right! As you recall, we commissioned over there, a short time ago, our first filling line in China with our partner Shya Hsin and we are gaining momentum in India. But Japan is at the same time a country in full evolution. Japanese women, currently, very fond of nail polishes in the form of gels, after several setbacks, are increasingly turning to traditional polishes again. The market is growing again. Where we are fortunate enough to be present and recognized.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois


  • Fiabila's new unit in Japan
  • Hazardous goods warehouse at Fiabila's new unit in Japan
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