In parallel to MakeUp in Paris, Italy’s Gotha Cosmetics has launched a new capsule collection dubbed “Feel Good Beauty” featuring a collection of makeup and skincare products designed through four development axes: Feel Good and Treat Yourself, Feel Good and Recover, Feel Good and Radiant, Feel Good and Bold.

All the formulations in the “Feel Good Beauty” collection are talc free. According to Gotha, talc free formulations have proven increasingly necessary to build consumer confidence in make-up. The talc in the cosmetic product is an ingredient that gives a distinctive silky and comfortable sensoriality. The controversy surrounding talc has been going on for decades due to its alleged negative health effects. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is also still monitoring potential public health problems that could arise from talcum powder. As a consequence, talc-free has recently become synonymous with clean.

The real challenge that Gotha has embraced was to guarantee sensoriality with alternative ingredients and blends.

"We have focused on different assets: high naturality, avant-garde clean standards, bold and vivid colors to give intensity to eyes and lips. We scouted new caring ingredients to increase skincare promises, 100% talc free," said Viviana Barker-Hemings, Marketing Director at Gotha Cosmetics.

Feel Good and Treat Yourself

These formulations focus on hydration and protection:

 Invisible Screen Base. A sun protection primer with clean and reef safe chemical filters. The product improves the appearance of the skin thanks to Niacinamide. Universal smooth and moisturizing primer that protects your skin from the sun and any damaging rays, slights comfortable on the skin, making it feel moisturized with a plus of anti-aging effect. Enriched with studied of protecting and revitalizing ingredients with the plus of SPF 30.

 Frozen Smoothie Lip Treat. An ultra-comfortable liquid balm that combines powerful actives to give you a boost of lasting hydration for silky smooth, fuller-looking lips. The subtle peachy-pink shade has been designed to look gorgeous on everyone. A line-filling active has been added to the formula at efficacy dose. Clean, vegan and over 90% ingredients of natural origin.

 Supernatural Brow Glue. A glue-like, transparent, flake-resistant eyebrow gel formula with more than 90% ingredients of natural origin that dries down non-sticky with a natural finish. It adheres to brow hairs, shaping and holding them in place.

Feel Good and Recover

These formulations have been developed to treat and restore a beautiful and healthy skin:

 Bare Skin Serum. A dewy, fresh and restoring serum, enriched with color and moisturizing ingredients, which leaves skin smooth, hydrated and luminous. The formulation includes 99% natural based formula.

 Wake Me Up Concealer. A stick concealer with 99% ingredients of natural origin to conceal any kind of imperfections. This elastic and highly pigmented on-the-go solution provides a satin-matte finish. It flows easily. Covers beautifully in one swipe and won’t smudge. Coffee butter ingredient drives emolliency and depuff action. Silicon Free.

Feel Good and Radiant

Halo Light Bronzer Drops. A face and body highlighter with more than 90% ingredients of natural origin, which acts as a versatile skin booster enriched with aloe vera. The extra liquid water based formula is enriched with moisturizing and anti-dullness ingredient with brightening effect due to 7% of pearls.

Feel Good and Bold

Because color and performance boost self-confidence:

 Lash to the Sky Mascara. A waterproof mascara in a formula based on over 90% ingredients of natural origin. “This non-clumping mascara targets every single lash for instant lift, length and fanned-out volume without clumps. This is the perfect ally for a no compromise result: it provides fuller, lifted eyelashes for a sexy, wide-eyed look,” claims Gotha.

 Liquid Softness Lipstick. A high pigmented, matte liquid lipstick, tested to last 8 hours and to provide hydration for 10 hours. Matte and comfort without compromise: the hydration promise is a true innovation in the liquid matte lipstick market.

 Pure Metal Shadow. A creamy eyeshadow infused with water for an immediate cooling sensation and a wet-effect result. With more than 95% natural origin ingredients, it lasts all day long without fading or creasing and it can be worn alone or as a base.