Premium Beauty News - Actually, Farevacolor is a very young business!

Anne Challe

Anne Challe

Anne Challe - Yes, Absolutely! And these days, it’s worth noting! The creation of Farevacolor only dates back to three years. In 2007, the Group Fareva took over a factory located in Savigny le Temple, formerly owned by Beiersdorf. The goal was to develop a subcontracting and full-service activity in make-up.

The cosmetic market itself (skincare + make-up) represented 42%, out of the EUR 830 million achieved in turnover by the Fareva Group last year. The sub-contracting and full service activity in make-up accounted for EUR 13 million in sales.

Premium Beauty News - 2008 and 2009 were obviously not the best years to start a business!

Anne Challe - Yes, and we had to hold fast! But soon enough we had the confirmation that the creation of an entity like Farevacolor was suiting needs of both the French and European market, with a service offer ranging from simple outsourcing to real full service, not only industrially speaking but also in terms of R&D and creativity. Our offer is comprehensive with our catalogue of standard products in the segments of foundations, powders, lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, etc. Pencils being so far, the only segment where we are not operating.

Because our "innovation" unit, is very active it enables us to offer each year several thematic collections with the assistance of our make-up artist, Isabelle Pain.

Premium Beauty News - Many investments in people and equipments!

Anne Challe - From the outset and all technologies included, the group provided itself with first rate equipments. Since then the pace has not slowed down and we invest as and when our clients’ needs evolve to be at the best required level in all cosmetic segments (foundations, powders, lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras). If the unit in Savigny le Temple is equipped with highly automated lines it also has dedicated workshops in small areas to produce small and medium size series.

The teams of the Fareva Color entity includes about forty people working in five departments: Marketing, R&D Laboratory, Packaging procurement, Sales and Projects. All of them are specialists in their field, dynamic, motivated and competent!

Regarding production, it is undertaken by the factory with some staff dedicated to cosmetics.

Premium Beauty News - Innovation that requires original packaging solutions?

Anne Challe - Yes of course, and this both through our partnerships with packaging professionals, but also through our synergies with the Fareva Group. You surely understand that I can’t tell much more but it is clear that the group’s expertise in the segment of aerosols is a card that will come into play appropriately.

Let me remind you also that Farevacolor manages autonomously its packaging needs. The main objective being to develop the full service activity.
But we are not just focusing on packaging.

We are also constantly reinforcing our skills in the organic sector.

Premium Beauty News - What is your objective in terms of turnover for the two years to come?

Anne Challe - Between 25 and 30 million euros in 2012!