Bernard Fraisse, Fareva

Bernard Fraisse, Fareva

Originality of the concept, following an agreement signed between the two groups last March, Tubex and Fareva, the aerosol cans and then the aluminium and plastic tubes will be manufactured on site in an adjoining building of 5,000 m² under the responsibility precisely of Tubex, an Austrian company, whose turnover this year will reach EUR 150 million, for 1200 employees and which is owned by a group weighing EUR 1.4 billion in turnover for a total of over 6000 people including such companies as Neumann Aluminium, Glanzstoff, Stoelzle, Prefa GmbH, etc.

A second EUR 7 million phase planned for mid-2013 will enable to step up the capacity for formulation and the filling of bottles for the perfume industry to 120 million units, that of aerosols to 100 million and that of cosmetic liquids to 40 million. To note also in this second phase, the implementation of a "cream" line capable of producing some 15 million units a year.

Finally a third EUR 7 million phase planned for early 2015 will enable to increase the "perfume" capacity to 168 million units per year, that of aerosols to 140 million, the one of liquid cosmetics to 60 million and the "cream" line to 60 million.

Nearly EUR 40 million invested in three years!

To note that the Fareva group has also made plans to manufacture in the short and medium-term some roll-ons, sticks, tubes, make-up products, soaps, etc.

An operation totalling in three years nearly 40 million euros!

At the same time the Tubex company, a partner to the operation, will have produced in the end about 250 million cases per year, 75 million aluminium tubes and just as many plastic tubes.

"To be present where our customers need us", explains Thibaut Fraisse, Project Manager at Fareva, "it’s really our mission and this Brazilian unit epitomizes this spirit perfectly. Our clients are the major local groups and the large international ones".